for managers

Do you have a question on the Annual Conversation.  Or are you facing a difficult situation regarding the performance of an employee?  Now you can discuss this in a confidential online meeting with our trainer, Jan Jacob de Groot, who specializes in Annual Conversations (jaargesprekken).


Target audience

Supervisors, managers of the UvA


  • to support you for an upcoming difficult annual conversation
  • to  equip you for other annual conversations
  • facilitate the communication between employee and supervisor in the long term

How does it work

  1. The supervisor submits the intake form
  2. The supervisor receives, based on the intake, specific backgrounds in an e-learning to prepare for step 3
  3. Online coachings meeting / possibility to practice your annual conversation to prepare for the real one. in universities. 

Planning:  max 2 hours in total


Jan Jacob de Groot from Trans Missie training en advies will be your coach. He has a lot of experience in training and supporting in annual conversations, especially

Apply by filling out this intake form:

UvA Coaching Annual Conversation (jaargesprek) intake form

  • All information remains confidential. Don't share information that is not relveant for the case (e.g. names etc). Only the name of the supervisor will be shared with P&O (the personnel department Executive Staff) for billing reasons.