Annual Reviews: online training for employees

On this page you’ll find some videos that will help you prepare for your annual review.Netherlands_flag[1]
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Module 1: Introduction

Duration: 3:20 minutes

Content: This video provides insight into the structure of the 6 modules and how the videos are to be used interactively.

Module 2: Annual review cycle  

Duration: 9:00 minutes (plus 10:00 minutes supporting material)

Content: This video provides insight into the structure and objectives of the annual review cycle.

Module 3: Developing agreements

Duration: 9:45 minutes (plus 15:00 minutes supporting material)

Content: This video describes effective agreements and how you can make them.

Module 4: Setbacks, what now?  

Duration: 12:00 minutes (plus 1:00 minute supporting material)

Content:  This video explains what you can do if agreements can’t be met due to extenuating circumstances
by describing one comprehensive example.

Module 5: Annual Review Meeting

Duration:   8:00 minutes

Content: This video provides examples of difficult situations that may occur in an annual review.
It demonstrates how to deal with these situations and how to provide feedback on them.

Module 6:   Form and preparationg of the meeting

Duration:            4:25 minutes

Content:      This video discusses how you can prepare for the annual review meeting.