E-learning for AMOLF / ARCNL

Dear participants,

December 13, we met for the performance review / evaluation training. I promised to make the presentation available. You can find it here: PRESENTATION

The e-learning will be available till January, 1st 2024. So you can excercise more, or watch other partcs of that video too. You can make your choice via the index (menu button) in the upperleft corner. For your homework assignment you studied  1.  Who gives feedback first? and 2. How to deal with reactions on negative feedback?

The e-learning is available in English and Dutch until January 1st, 2024


E-learning in English:

E-learning in Dutch:


The training takes one full day and the program consists of:

  • Headlines of our performance review cycle
  • Objectieve of this cycle
  • Expectations of performance and development
  • Making agreements
  • Assessing performance
  • Communication skills needed for the performance review
  • The opening
    • Providing positive feedback
    • Providing critical feedback
    • Dealing with reactions of employees
    • Problem solving
    • Making new agreements

In the afternoon an actor in training will be present. I work differently with an actor than other trainers:

The participants share their approach of a specific situation. The trainer (manager) and actor (employee) execute that approach. When the manager is facing a difficult situation or reaction from the employee, the discussion is paused and the particiapants can reflect and can come up with suggestions how to proceed. These suggestions will be tried out and the discussion can be rewinded. This prevents long preparation time, embarrassment and involves all participants in the discussion at the same time. The discussion gives insight in what works and what doesn’t and after that the particiapants may try to implement these skills with the actor.

Best reagrds,


Jan Jacob de Groot

Trans Missie training & advies
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